Our mission: Connecting brands with diverse creatives to create content that is culturally relevant.

Did you know, in a 2014 study conducted by Scott Barry Kaufman, 72% of respondents around the world reported having some kind of new insight in the shower. Yep, that’s right. There’s something inherently creative about standing naked beneath a hot stream of water for 5-10 minutes a day. So think of us, Creative Nerds, as your daily wash… Too weird?

To keep things on dry land for a moment, Creative Nerds have been collaborating with young creatives since the dawn of time. Our 12 year legacy is built on a strong ethos of meaningful & impactful projects with creatives coming from all backgrounds, industries and walks of life.

But, this year was all about change. And trying new things, by definition, makes you more creative. So, as part of our no-nonsense, loud & proud re-brand, we decided to launch the ‘Creative Nerds Network‘ — a way for brands to connect, engage & commission creatives from the very communities our clients want to speak to. 

Makes total sense right? Here’s a look at two of our awesome illustrators and their story!

If you want to apply to join, e-mail us: [email protected] 

Introducing Lydia Triner

Lydia is a UK-based, graphic designer with a passion for making positive impact through raising awareness for challenging topics.

Our relationship with Lydia began when we commissioned her for a Mental Health Awareness Week campaign for The Good Quote — The world’s largest motivation page on Instagram, advocating wellbeing & self-development, with a collective audience of over 22 million users.

WeTransfer x BYP

Shortly after, Lydia was recommissioned for a project with our clients, BYP Network – A platform that connects over 40,000 Black Professionals with each other & job opportunities.

As part of their crowdfund campaign, Lydia created digital mural was shown to 50 million users across 195 countries on one of the worlds leading transfer platforms, WeTransfer.

Public Health England

What’s more? Our friends at Public Health England then commissioned Lydia for 4 months to promote key mental health messaging on their youth-focussed platform, Rise Above.

Since then, at a time where it’s never been more difficult to find work, Lydia secured a job with local government where she reimagined creative campaigns and connected with young audiences through relatable designs.

We’re so proud of our journey so far with Lydia, and will continuously look to work with her for future projects in the years to come.

Introducing Denzel Kessie

Denzel Kessie is a London-based graphic designer that creates work under his alias, BLLACK LINE. His content revolves around his passions for music, fashion, health, hip-hop & sneaker culture.

Through our network of logged creatives on Twitter, we initially cherry picked Denzel to produce work for Public Health England’s, Rise Above — a youth channel that educates young adults on mental health, sex, drugs, relationships and other meaningful subjects.

Creative Boom Feature

Subsequently, Denzel was referred to Creative Boom — one of the UK’s leading platforms dedicated to the creative industries – by our founder, Dirujan, and was recently featured on this ‘creative inspiration’ article to over 26,000 subscribers.

Denzel is a perfect example of how our online communities are utilised to find and produce relevant creatives and we’re extremely proud to be championing these types of artists for meaningful and impactful projects.

So, next time you have a shower and your mind starts to wander… Just remember, there’s  a community out there for everyone and your creative insight could be exactly what the world’s been looking for all this time. If you’re a brand and this excites you, contact us today!


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