a cyber security training programme

20,000+ sign ups


social media, video, content & paid media

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) along with The SANS institute launched Cyber Discovery, a cyber security training programme aimed at young people in school years 10-13.

We were tasked with launching the digital marketing campaign, including set up and managing its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, aiming to get as many students signed up to the programme as possible.

Fast forward six months and the £20M cyber security programme was deemed a huge success. We generated 20,000+ sign ups, with social media being the shop window for many of these young students.

As the results show, understanding youth culture and how to implement impactful campaigns can generate impactful results.

Promotional video content that we produced, shot & edited to promote to parents, schools & young pupils.

Safe to say, we’ve managed to bring in some talented young individuals into an industry they might not have thought of.

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